Musue Collection: Where Culture Meets Modernity

Musue by TQ is a fashion brand that was created in April 2018 by Tesla Quevedo, owner and creative director of the brand. She is an industrious woman of the Garífunan ethnic group in Honduras, Central America. The brand specializes in the elaboration of products and articles made with leather and ethnic fabrics.

Its first line in the market – a collection of portfolios under a unique concept: “Musue Collection”, offers a particular perspective on the practices and dynamics of fashion while offering a totally unique concept.

Muse Collection by TQ

Musue (which means turban in Quevedo’s native tongue) has always been an important traditional and cultural heritage in Garífunan worldview.

In Quevedo’s words: “Today, Musue resurfaces with greater colouring, variety and defines a worthy tendency to take advantage of as a vehicle to return to the route that will take us on a journey through our roots.”

Muse Collection by TQ

Fashion, for Quevedo and her team at Musue Collection by TQ, is a social phenomenon that influences the dynamics and perception of individuals; it also transcends cultural and geographical limits, becoming a form of communication or diffusion.

Musue Collection aims to carry this message without border limits in the search of a balance which facilitates the identification and assessment of women of African descent, as well as the acceptance of the brand’s openness to the intercultural spirits of non-Afro users.




Muse Collection by TQ
Muse Collection by TQ
Muse Collection by TQ
Muse Collection by TQ

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