Face Masks: Protection and Fashion

The much-dreaded Corona Virus, aka Covid-19  is an airborne virus that is easily transferrable from person to person either through body contact, breathing or sharing close and unprotected space with an infected person or carrier.

To prevent its spread, governments, scientists and medical experts around the world have advised everyone to take several preventive measures – especially when out in public or in close contact with strangers or people who are not members of one’s household. Of all the various preventive measures stated, we’d like to talk about the use of nose masks, which is the commonest of them all.

Face Mask by Kaela Kay Collection

Interestingly enough, while the pandemic is seen as a setback to many people, some others see it as an opportunity to get creative and earn a living while at it. Fashion designers and tailors all around the world have taken it upon themselves to create masks that function as both protective gear and also as fashion accessories. The internet is filled with images of people adorning nose masks made from several types of fabrics and prints.




Face Mask by Ofuure

For instance, fashion brands like Truefond Ghana, D’iyanu, Öfuurë, Kaelakay Collections, Ro2k Collection, Aphiasakyi, Tribalbyn, Quophi Akotuah Ghana and a whole lot of others have invested time and effort into creating beautiful and quality masks that meet international health standards as well as satisfying the fashion needs of their numerous clients.

Face Mask by Quophi Akotuah Ghana

Thankfully, the face masks created by these fashion brands have helped meet the high demand for them by the public. Before these masks were made by fashion brands, there was a serious shortage of surgical masks as many individuals bought them in large quantities to avoid running out of them in future. Therefore, these band of fashion superheroes took it upon themselves to try their hands at this. And they were successful.

Face Mask by True Fond Ghana

Finally, as the saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention. The need to save lives during the pandemic birthed the popularity of face masks made with wax prints and other fabrics. While the pandemic, on the one hand, has created a shortage of food supplies and other basic necessities in some countries, it has, on the other hand, unlocked the creative vaults of countless individuals all over the world today, including fashion designers.

Face Mask by Trybalbyn



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