Water. I need water.

Can someone help a man

Dying of thirst? Dying of hunger?

You with the watering can!

Can you spare a drop or two?

Be kind to a weary one

For tomorrow it might be you too

Life decides to use for fun.

My path I didn’t choose

My journey chose only me

I fear I’m destined to lose

And be lost like a drop in the sea

I am strong. Well, I was!

I am tired. Still am!

Life for me is a fuss

All clogged up like a dam.

I see the end. Thankful.

My end beckons ruefully

Suddenly, I feel like a fool

At the self-discovery of my folly!

My end ends with an open door,

A cup of water on the other side,

Loose change on the bare floor

And a new map for the ride.


By Henry Ategie

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