The Good Seed of Nuny-Wear

Nuny-Wear is a fashion brand that was founded in 2018 by its owner and creative director, Ameyo. She started the brand with the help of her sister. The name NUNY-WEAR is a combination of words from both Togolese and English languages. The name ‘Nuny’ comes from blending the first two letters of the words ‘NUku’ and ‘NYuie’. Together, ‘Nuku Nyuie’ means “good seed”. The brand’s story began in 2010 when Ameyo and her sister were thinking about how to wear African prints in Europe even in winter. They started their beautiful adventure by making snoods, scarfs and berets which are readily available for purchase on their website

Nuny Wear for kids

In an online interview with our editor, Ameyo talks about the brand’s philosophy, passion and vision. In her words: “our philosophy is to do better and better and better…. And make people appreciate what we are doing. Our vision is to set up a fashion brand based on African culture and also try to make all Africans around the world proud of their culture and history. We want to supply useful, very nice and comfortable items for everyone regardless of race or colour – but always with “an African touch”! Our mission is to promote Africa every single day by creating items inspired by African aesthetics. Our goal, we hope, is to be part of restoring Africa’s glory!”

Nuny Wear

The brand’s main product is streetwear although they are known to also create accessories like snood, scarf etc. They are willing to extend their brand worldwide in the next 6 years, and with God on their side, have several branches in many countries.

Nuny Wear
Nuny Wear


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