RO2K Collection, an African fashion brand based in Columbus, Ohio, is the brainchild of both Roky King and Olay Katta, two strangers who eventually became friends. The name of the brand was formed using the initials of both friends such that ‘R’ stands for Roky, ‘O’ represents Olay, and the 2K represents the surnames of both friends: King and Katta. Hence, the name RO2K Collection.

RO2K Collection

What started as a chance encounter on a bright Sunday morning at a church service some time in 2016, will go on to be the start of a business venture that ultimately led to the creation of RO2K in August, 2019.

Owners of RO2K, Roky King and Olay Katta have always been fashion enthusiasts, and after this first meet and sharing of contacts, they kept in touch via friendly Facebook communication.

Through this communication, they got to know they both have a common passion for fashion and clothing.

RO2K Collection

Since her teenage years, Roky King had always fancied being a model, idolizing icons like Tyra Banks, but she did not pursue this career because, at that time, being a female model was heavily frowned upon in African societies. From an early age, Roky had always loved designing her own clothing. She would buy simple fabrics and prints from the local market and put together beautiful dresses to give herself a classy look. Her boldness and creativity caused other girls and older women to seek her expertise in order to put the same classy touch on their clothes. It is that same passion for simple yet classy and beautiful looks which she has brought to RO2K Collection.

RO2K Collection

For Olay Katta, the passion is the same as her partner’s. Like King, she developed a passion for fashion from an early age. Olay got inspired from watching her mother sewing dresses and school uniforms which she and other kids wore to school. She would take pieces from leftovers from her mum’s work to put together as material for her project. Olay continued with this trend, not losing sight of what she loves to do, and eventually she met Roky on that chanced Sunday.

That friendship ultimately gave birth to RO2K Collection. Roky and Olay both bring in their creativity and ideas for their design and the passion behind the brand is simple, yet classy.

RO2K Collection

Their overall goal is to increase awareness of RO2K as an African fashion brand, and one way through which they achieve this is by making use of social media platforms to achieve this goal. RO2K has a vision of bringing Africa to the rest of the world through clothing, and its mission is to spice up wardrobes around the globe with quality, stylish, trending, and affordable handmade fabrics made from Ankara prints such as African print Kimono, Ankara print pants, jumpsuits, short skirts, tops, and Ankara accessories.

RO2K Collection

Their love for Ankara prints inspires the duo to transform them into fabrics one can use for almost any occasion that they can think of. From wrappers and tops to long and short dresses, pants, blazers, jumpsuits, long and short skirts, jackets, swimsuits and much more, the African fabric has given so much dimension and colours to the fashion scene.

King and Katta’s desire is for clothing items by their brand to be worn all over the world – not only by Africans alone but to have RO2K clothing intertwined with western fashion and aesthetics. With a 10-year window in mind, the brand seeks to establish a strong presence within and outside Africa.

RO2K Collection

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