Empowering Women by Zozibini

Zozibini Tunzi is the real deal on and off the Pageant stage. Her efforts to inspire women to be empowered and confident about themselves can be seen in all she says and does. She is an advocate of gender equality and women’s right all over the world. She recently came to the defence of a young lady who, in a video posted by the Beauty Queen, gave a beautiful speech about the need for equal rights among the sexes and was derided for it by an internet troll on Twitter. According to the man – who spoke from a biblical context, “gender equality was not in the Bible and those who think we are equal … will never see the door of marriage”. For this man, it would seem that a woman’s worth is solely determined by bearing a man’s surname as his wife. Zozibini disagrees with the man by using these immortal words “That’s fine. I can assure you now that we will be seeing doors of positions of leadership. Not only that but we will be kicking them down one by one by all means necessary. You see, it is not your permission we seek to ignite our fire. Thank you though for engaging”.

Quite naturally, the social media space was agog with arguments and counter arguments on the thin line between marriage and leadership. However, Zozibini clarifies her position on the matter by saying that while it is good for a woman to be married, it is also important for that woman to be empowered. In other words, marriage does – and should not – not define a woman but empowerment and leadership do. In Zozibini’s own words : “What I’m saying here is that don’t threaten women with marriage when they become ambitious and want to be great. In fact, don’t threaten women into dimming their light for anything.”

Zozibini’s statement earned her a lot of respect among the social media community and among the crème de la crème of the entertainment world. World icon, Oprah Winfrey, expresses her support for Zozibini. According to Oprah: “… leadership is the most powerful thing we should be teaching young women today…”

Kudos to our Beauty Xhosa Queen for taking a stand against patriarchy.



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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 10: Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi visits the Empire State Building on December 10, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

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