Woenyi is a Cameroon-based brand whose primary focus is on the well-being and happiness of women through fashion. It takes interest in everything that makes a woman who she is: hairstyle, make up, nails, clothing and accessories. The brand has an online beauty centre – a virtual platform through which women from all over the country can book appointments for home service and/or for purchased items to be  delivered right to their doorsteps.
Woenyi was founded in 2017 by two Cameroonian sisters: Mouto Mathilde and Madolla Laura. Mouto Mathilde, 28, is a computer scientist with a passion for the power and advantages of social networks especially when it comes to business. Madolla Laura, 26, is a marketist with a great talent for beauty and fashion. Both women believe in women’s entrepreneurship and are aiming to work with as many indigent women as possible so that they can empower themselves with a source of income and not have to be idle or jobless.
Woenyi Fashion Show 2019 will be the very first fashion show to be organised by the brand. The fashion show will showcase the first collection of clothes by Woenyi as a brand. Also, it will promote young Cameroonian fashion creators/designers. Above all else, the show is targeted at ensuring the promotion of Cameroonian culture and history through the world of fashion.
The brands participating in the event are Ric Collection, Simb, Lucile Meneng, MAP by Ed (Mes Accessoires en Pagne) and Kocoon’hair. All of these brands are owned and managed by budding entrepreneurs. Simb and Ric are into street wear, Meneng and MAP by Ed are into jewelleries in loincloth and beads, and Kocoon’hair is into headwraps and night cap in wax. Woenyi itself is particularly into party dresses in loincloth.
Kocoon’hair Brand
Lucile Meneng Jewerly


Simb Brand


Registration as fashion designers/creators has ended. However, attendance to the showcase is open. Tickets can be purchased online at or at any of their local stores: RueÉquinoxe, Akwa Face Socec Microfinance 4ème étage +237693154242 and +237672131717.
One may also purchase the tickets for the event by  contacting Woenyi via the following numbers: +237670021748 and +237699600005.
The date of the event is 16th August, 2019 at 4pm prompt and the event will be held at Terrasse de Ndogbong in Douala, Cameroon.

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