Kamanga Wear was founded in 2010 by Donna M’shanga and Christina Syafunko – two designers that decided to work together in pursuit of a common goal: establishing a fashion brand that designs world class African-inspired outfits.


kamanga outfit


In 2016, the duo was joined by another partner, Fay Sowden. However, its current Creative Director is Donna M’shanga.
The brand’s name ‘Kamanga’ was the name given to the first dress ever made by Donna and Christina. The Kamanga dress can be worn in nine different styles simply by twisting and tying it differently. In doing so, one could have nine different appearances from one singular outfit. The word ‘Kamanga’ itself is an Nyanja word in Zambia which means “To Tie”.

Kamanga outfit

Kamanga Wear is passionate about representing the African woman who lives, travels and tries to discover and assert her identity in a culturally diverse society. Proudly Zambian, Kamanga Wear draws its inspiration from bursts of print and colour all the while remaining grounded in the muted tones of its native landscape.

Kamanga Outfit

The brand designs, produces and sells mostly women’s clothes and accessories. Once in a while, it designs men’s shirts and pants and outfits for kids too, but these are usually produced on request by its clients. As revealed by Donna, Kamanga Wear plans to have branches all across Africa and in a few international countries so that its numerous clients will be able to easily and effortlessly purchase Kamanga Wear items in the comfort of their various countries.

Kamanga Outfit

In Donna’s own words: “We are passionate about what we do, it’s that simple. Our outfits transcend traditional and conventional fashion designs and journeys beyond the boundaries of our imaginative minds. Inspired by Africa, we work with bold prints and colours. Our brand is not an image or a social media campaign; it is rooted in real people, original ideas and real life.” –

Donna M’shanga

Creative Director, Kamanga Wear

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