Mawusi Clothing is a fashion brand that was established on the 6th of April in 2014 by its Creative Director and Owner, Barbara Sowah based in Middletown Pennsylvania, USA.
She was born and raised in Teshie Ghana, where she learned how to sew outfits from her days as a youth. Growing up as a child, she and her siblings were taught by their parents the core values of living in oneness and in unity. They were raised to do almost everything together – especially when it comes to dressing in matching outfits.
This beautiful  aspect of her childhood heavily influenced the concept behind Mawusi Clothing’s penchant for making matching outfits for couples and families.
In an exclusive interview with Barbara Sowah, she reveals that the name “Mawusi” is an Ewe name from Ghana which means “In God’s Hands”.
This name, according to her, is actually the name of her youngest daughter who was born three months early as a micro preemie. Those were difficult times as she could not find anyone to watch her little infant, so as soon as she was discharged from the hospital, she became a stay-at-home mom in order to take care of little Mawusi.
Being a proactive individual, she took advantage of her free time to rediscover her passion for sewing dresses and improving upon her knowledge of fashion and tailoring aesthetics.
Interestingly enough, she confides in us that she is self-taught and has never attended any fashion school. Clearly, her talents are a gift as her brand’s outfits have begun to gain popularity and recognition among fashion enthusiasts from different parts of the world.
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