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FierAfric is a fashion show that is organised yearly by the Afro Fashion Association (AF) in conjunction with Festival Goes DiverCity in Milan, Italy. This year’s event is a premiere of future shows like it. It is an event which celebrates African culture, identity and aesthetics by showcasing African fabrics, clothing and accessories by both established and emerging Afro-fashion designers from all over the world.


Afro Fashion Association was formed in 2015 in Milan, Italy and is headed by its President, Michelle Francine Ngonmo, and its Vice President, Ruth Maccarthy. Between them, they have worked tirelessly to promote African culture and history vis-à-vis African/Afro fashion shows such as Afro Fashion Week Milano and Afro Walk Milano.

The shows organised by the Afro Fashion Association give budding entrepreneurs in the world of fashion a chance to showcase their talents; it also helps to foster healthy relationships among people from different ethnicities as the different shows organised by the AF are attended by people from different parts of the world. FIERAFRIC 2019 is surely an event to watch for as it promises to be a show which would leave an indelible mark on the sands of time.

We at African Fashion Wear (AFW) are proud to be one of the official sponsors of the event because, as a pro-Afro fashion outfit, we strongly believe in promoting the image of the African continent in a positive light through a portrayal of African history cultures and traditions.


Some of the Exhibitors:


Corso Garibaldi 117, Milano Italy Garibaldissimo

Dates and Time:

From May 31st to June 3rd, 10.30am to 7.00pm


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