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Hello dear African Fashion Wear lovers!

We do receive lot of messages from our fans asking us how to start a fashion page on Facebook and I want to give you few advices base on my personal experience with African Fashion Wear.

1 – Make sure you are determine not only to start the fashion page but also to continue. You might think it is very easy to manage a page but that demands lot of research of contents and is time consuming!

2- Make sure you allways have lot of materials in terms of pictures, articles and videos to publish on the page daily in order to give something to your followers to view.

3- Get ready to answer lot of private messages of all kinds: from simple questions to very complicated questions to very very and again very annoying questions! Even marriage proposals!

4- Have it at the back of your mind that not everybody will like and appreciate what you are doing so you might receive some negative comments, just ignore them and move on with what you are doing!

5- Invite your friends to like your page to start with then the daily posts will attract more fans.

6- Be very patience! Initially there would be no much activity on your page and response from the fans but with time ( if you are determine) you will start seeing results!

These are the few advices I have, which are not technical ( Ileave that to the experts!), but I think they are points you must keep in mind before you even create your page!

These are the latest pictures we posted on our page African Fashion Wear, enjoy!!


Brand: United Souls


Brand: Kaela Kay Collections


Brand: Jekkah


Brand: Fashpa


Brand: Ekeeya Creation Wax


Brand: By Natacha Baco

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