Woven Wisdom Collection by Vlisco

I have taken my time to look at Vlisco latest collection, the Woven Wisdom, and have concluded that the best piece that really expresses the meaning of this new collection is the fabric also known as Bank of the North or carpet.

The moment I set our eyes on this beautiful piece of art what came to my mind was the vision of this old woman sitting on a bench in her village surrounded by her grandchildren who are listening to her stories and the wisdom coming out of her mouth. This vision filled my heart with a a feeling of peace, calm and security at the same time.

This is a fabric I believe will make justice to all the women  who fought the challenges of life and young ladies who are ready to face life. It’s a wonderful and expressive fabric and I can’t wait to order my own.

Woven Wisdom, Vlisco

The Woven Collection by Vlisco
The Woven Collection by Vlisco

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