“Ghana must go” Bags

“Ghana must go”.

Maybe some of you have never heard this sentence but is referring to a bag, yes a blue , red and white stripped bag normally used by women to carry all manner of goods.

In the 70’s Nigeria was flourishing due to the discovery of oil and many Ghanaians relocated to Nigeria looking for greener pastures.

When the situation became hot in Nigeria too during early 80’s the Ghanaians were invited to leave the country and more than 700 hundred Ghanaians, including my parents and I left. The stripped bag was the symbol of the exodus since most Ghanaians used it.

Presently “ Ghana must go” is widely used both in Ghana and Nigeria with different colors, designs and sizes.

The  classic white, red and blue “Ghana must go” design is even used to design skirts, jackets, modern bags, shoes.

The old never passes way, it only changes

Ruth Maccarthy

Ghana must go bag
Ghana must go bag


By Celine
By Celine

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