“Gye Nyame”

Many of you  must have seen this symbol on bags, shoes, clothes, home decor accessories and so on.

But where is it from and what is the meaning?

First of all the symbol is called “Gye Nyame”, it means “except God”. It’s an Ashanti symbol from Ghana land and it represent the great attachment that Ghana has with God.

The symbol is the representation of a man in God’s hand, protected and guided by Him.

This month I was at the Art Centre in Ghana, I bought a wood elephant and the seller decided to give me a necklace with the symbol of Gye Nyame on it as a gift saying: “ We Ghanaians believe in God, please accept this gift , where ever you will go God will be with you”

I didn’t have to think twice, I quickly accepted it with gratitude!

Where have you seen this symbol and what are the important symbols in your country?

Ruth Maccarthy

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source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest




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