The Bogolan

Bogolan is a characteristic fabric from Mali that drew my attention due the method used to design it.

In the past it was worn during rites of passage and significant life events such as child bearing.

Today Bogolan represents its home country, Mali, around the world. Its designs and colors have been exported to the Western fashion giving a touch of ethnicity and originality to clothes and accessories.

The very interesting quality of this cotton fabric is that colors  used to imprint the designs are completely natural.

The cotton is dipped in a dye-based vegetable leaves called n’galama which gives it a yellowish color. After drying in the sun women proceed to draw geometric the shapes using sludge collected from the River Niger (previously fermented for even one year).

The contact between the mud and the dyeing of the fabric fixes the color, is then washed and left to dry.

This procedure is performed several times base on the color, shades and bleaching to be impressed on the fabric.

Do you have clothes, accessories made with this fabric? Please feel free to send us photos here

Ruth Maccarthy

Osei Duro
Osei Duro

Origins Style by Nasozi

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