African Waist Beads

I’m sure many of our readers are wearing these beautiful beads around their waist. It is a trend that is spreading in the Western World, a trend that is put on display, especially during the summer.

Originally these “belt of pearls” in various African countries had many meanings and uses, let’s see some of them.

– They were used in some African countries  to control the body weight, in fact if you are gaining weight the “belt” of pearls climbed upward while if you are losing weight it will  elegantly fall on the hips

– In other countries,  the beads are worn once you enter in the right age to get married and have a family

– They were a symbol of extreme femininity and sexuality, that’s  why they were kept hidden under clothes and only your partner had the honor of seeing them

– There are beads that are worn by babies and other only by mature women

So girls tell us what is the significance of these beads in your country, do you wear any of them? Will you let your daughters wear them? How is it called in your language?

Ruth Maccarthy


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