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Amanda Maandag, Director and Designer of the beautiful Mozambique based Nubian Collection says: “combine fashion with traditional African prints. It gives something special to a fashion outfit. Something energetic, something colorful, with a touch of funkiness. That’s where Nubian stands for and what Nubian would like to transmit to its followers”

Nubian Collection was inaugurated just last june 2014 and got lot of positive feedback during the African Fashion Week Amsterdam.

Amanda Maandag used to look  at the women in the small city of Vilanculos ( Mozambique). In the afternoon these women will be by the seaside waiting for their fisher men to come back wearing the most beautiful “capulanas” tied around their waist.

This inspired her so much that she decided to design clothes out of these fabrics to inspire more women while the name Nubian comes from a tribe in Sudan where the women are the leading force.

Each piece from the Collection is hand made by the passionate local tailors in Mozambique who are thought how to sew and take accurate measurement.

Nubian webshop will be available by December and in the boutiques in Cape Town and Amsterdam.

“Afro Fashion is for every type of woman” – Amanda Maadang

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Nubian Collection on AFW
Nubian Collection on AFW
Nubian Collection on AFW
Nubian Collection on AFW
Nubian Collection on AFW
Nubian Collection on AFW

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