Inkkas shoes


As we all know the coming of the triangular or trans-atlantic trade ( XIX century ) brought about the transportation of African aborigenis to the large plantations in South America as slaves.

In recent times, African Fashion Wear’s team came across Inkkas footwear which is of Latin America origins at The White Show in Milan,Italy.

What caught the attention of the team was that materials the shoes were made of were very similar to African Textiles with a very profound resemblance.  As a matter of fact Ghanian Kente was sighted in one shoe.

However the colourful materials made the footwears more attractive and unique as they won’t pass unobserved. The presence of these materials added cultural and monetary value to

the shoes, it’s shapes and types makes it welcoming for diverse ethnic groups.

Amazing how the world interrelates in all fields

Inkkas Resized-E92Y9






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