THe Classy Lady at a wedding

A classy lady is more in tuned with her personality; to her it has got nothing to do with trends and high fashion but her personality. For that she carries herself with poise and sophistication. People look up to her as a role model, for her style precedes her and in her world of uniqueness, she reigns supreme. She knows what and how to dress for any given occasion and she never makes a fashion plunder.

As a wedding guest:

As a classy lady knows her colour well and won’t be seen with a black or white dress colour in a wedding occasion. She knows that the black colour depicts mourning and the white colour is the colour of the bride. Weddings are essentially a day of celebration, and a good comfortable dancing shoe is needed but never wears a flip flop. Revealing too much skin like cleavages and thighs is a big ‘NO’ for any classy guest and she should never wear a dress that shows off her bra straps in anyway. Her makeup must be moderate, simple and neat. All glitters and false coloured lashes should be saved for another day. The bride should never spot a classy lady in her pictures due to bright coloured outfits, she must never wear a dress that draws attention to her, thereby taking away the focus from the couple and all dress colours must be toned down. At the end, she knows that it is better to dress up than to dress down.

By Ijeoma Onyemaobi

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