J.Wax Streetwear

J.Wax a new brand inspired by the streetwear fashion and the beautiful colors of African Textiles and wax. The designer behind this brand, Jeremy Welburn born by English father and French mother but raised also in Greece and Egypt, has a multicultural background that led him, after his studies in English litterature and International Marketing,…


Woven Wisdom Collection by Vlisco

I have taken my time to look at Vlisco latest collection, the Woven Wisdom, and have concluded that the best piece that really expresses the meaning of this new collection is the fabric also known as Bank of the North or carpet. The moment I set our eyes on this beautiful piece of art what…


African textiles on white skin?

Many times on African Fashion Wear facebook page when a caucasian wearing an African inspired dress picture is posted there’s always that single comment that goes like this: ” nice but it would look better on a black person” or ” a black model would have been better”. Are African textiles made only for blacks…