Made in Africa textiles

For the past 15 years local textile manufacturing companies suffered a great loss and in many cases also bankrupt causing many people to lose jobs.

Africa have been flooded not only with very cheap China made textiles but also very expensive European made textiles. In many cases the China made textiles are not original designs but imitations of African or European produced textiles.

Many are the causes of the catastrophy our textile small companies are facing and are very complex situations mostly linked to global economy and international regulations. African governments and private enterprises could do much more to enable these companies to rise again and be competitive both at a local and international level.

But what can we, the far end buyers, do to help the economy of these manufacturing companies?

Here’s the checklist:

– buy textiles locally manufactured

– buy the original textile and not imitations

– check the origin of the textile on its label

– if possible buy directly from the manufacturer

Finally take a good shot of your outfit and we’ll be very glad to share it.

It’s not an easy task as it is difficult sometimes to know the origin of the product and for those of us living abroad we do not get those products sold on the shells but let’s try our little best!

Ruth Maccarthy

Shop in Tanzania

Bogolan in progress – Mali


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