Fashion Page on Facebook

Hello dear African Fashion Wear lovers! We do receive lot of messages from our fans asking us how to start a fashion page on Facebook and I want to give you few advices base on my personal experience with African Fashion Wear. 1 – Make sure you are determine not only to start the fashion…


Queen E. Collection

Have you ever checked the Brand Queen E. Collection?? Absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Each time I see one of her styles I instantly desire it!. I love the colors  Queen Enidiok, the nigerian designer, uses in her collections. The outfits really portrait the immage of a woman who is not just a female but a…


The queen kente

Saturday January 7 2017 in Accra, Ghana, the new president of the Gold Coast Nana Dankwa Akufo-Addo swears before kings and queens, princess and princesses,  religious leaders, politicians, judges, ambassadors, diplomatic corps, presidents of the various nations of Ecowas and to the people of Ghana his loyalty to the important role that will cover from…


Made in Africa textiles

For the past 15 years local textile manufacturing companies suffered a great loss and in many cases also bankrupt causing many people to lose jobs. Africa have been flooded not only with very cheap China made textiles but also very expensive European made textiles. In many cases the China made textiles are not original designs but…