The Woven Collection by Vlisco

Woven Wisdom Collection by Vlisco

I have taken my time to look at Vlisco latest collection, the Woven Wisdom, and have concluded that the best piece that really expresses the meaning of this new collection is the fabric also known as Bank of the North or carpet. The moment I set our eyes on this beautiful piece of art what…

By Stella Jean

African textiles on white skin?

Many times on African Fashion Wear facebook page when a caucasian wearing an African inspired dress picture is posted there’s always that single comment that goes like this: ” nice but it would look better on a black person” or ” a black model would have been better”. Are African textiles made only for blacks…

AFW Midi Skirt

Roberta Midi Skirt

A warm and charming skirt for a special wedding. The simple combination makes it easy to be wear the whole of the day without any stress while the beauty of the Vlisco textile with it’s colors gives it that touch of uniqueness Skirt: Ruth Maccarthy Model: Roberta

Kente Skirt By Ruth Maccarthy

Kente skirt

The Kente is one of the most common fabrics used in Ghana and throughout Africa. Initially it was used only by kings and queens during traditional events and some pieces are unique and inimitable. In this article you can read its history, origins and meaning of the colors -> The Kente. For this reason, we…